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Experts in medical management solutions

Practice Management

Our consultants are trained to identify organizational challenges, identify opportunity, design a strategic plan, implement cohesive management, and equip your healthcare facility with tools to sustain transformation and profitability.

Facility Management

We have helped rural hospitals, large hospitals, onsite employee medical clinics, and physician practices streamline their operations while meeting the challenges of healthcare reform.

Health IT

Alli consultants possess a deep understanding of the healthcare industry, health information technology solutions, and market trends, and will assist you in selecting the most appropriate solutions for your practice.

Revenue Cycle Management

Alli's revenue cycle management optimizes  reimbursement schedules. We maximize workflow, enhance productivity, improve revenue, realize cost savings, and increase compliance.

Anesthesia Services

SMSO Anesthesia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alli, takes great pride in delivering high-quality, cost effective anesthesia care designed to maximize facility efficiency, as well as patient and physician satisfaction.


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